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AMS BOOMBA дроссельная заслонка Evo 8/9

AMS BOOMBA дроссельная заслонка Evo 8/9

Part Number: 002-00-01ON

Производитель: AMS

The 75 MM BOOMBA throttle body is designed in such way that it will use stock Evolution VIII/IX idle control and TPS. Throttle body has 88 MM bolt holes pattern (Mustang 5.0) and will fit all aftermarket intake manifolds designed for Mustang 5.0 throttle bodies. Our Evolution VIII/IX 75 MM throttle body comes as a kit including stock manifold adaptor plate and 60 MM hose adaptor (for those that want to use it immediately with stock intake pipes). Kit also includes 75 MM hose adaptor and all mounting hardware. Throttle bodies are CNC machined out of billet aluminum. Parts are available in natural aluminum, red and black anodized finishes. Increasing diameter to 75 MM gives almost 56% increase in throttle cross section area over stock throttle body. Replacing stock throttle body with our new 75 MM (even with stock pipes and turbo) will give you a few additional HPs and greatly improve engine response. Replacing stock throttle body with our 75 MM throttle body and replacing intake piping with larger diameter (75 MM) gives limitless possibilities of increasing engine power.

Цена: 620.00$


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