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APS Выхлоп 350Z/G35 03-07

APS Выхлоп 350Z/G35 03-07

Производитель: APS

APS High Output Dual 3in.Catback Exhaust System Nissan 350Z.
Optimum gas flow and minimal exhaust back pressure is essential for high power. At extreme horsepower levels when utilizing very large turbochargers, the performance of the exhaust system often becomes the overriding factor in achieving fast turbo response and the maximum power possible. In order to satisfy the goals of the most power hungry performance enthusiast, APS has engineered what is arguably the most highly advanced exhaust system on the planet for the 350Z. Crafted in premium 304 stainless steel and precision TIG welded, the APS system is designed to perform at the most extreme power levels. Careful attention to tube diameter, smooth radius mandrel bends and muffler design is essential for high performance. With 20 years of experience in exhaust system design, we have built a superb exhaust system for the 350Z. By dissipating the hot exhaust gasses more efficiently, the APS High Output exhaust lowers the thermal load on vital engine components such as pistons, combustion chambers, valves etc., particularly at high horsepower levels. The APS Dual 3" High Output Cat Back system is engineered as a complete system including every nut, bolt and gasket required for installation. Limited quantities available now.

Цена: 1420.00$


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