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BOOSTLOGIC К-т подушек двигателя GTR R35

BOOSTLOGIC К-т подушек двигателя GTR R35

Part Number: BL 02010802

Производитель: Boost Logic

BOOSTLOGIC 02010802 К-т подушек двигателя для NISSAN GT-R R35
Boost Logic is excited to release our newest product to the community. Taking the design to the next extreme, we have over engineered the idea of a solid engine and transmission mount while trying to give it an unique but functional look!

All mounts use the factory locking positions and have been tested 100% and are already on a few cars in the shop. These are ready for order but will not ship for 2 weeks.

Engine mount have a total of 3 mounts replaced, the rear mount is 6061 billet Aluminum and the front are 4140 stainless steel. Transmission mounts have a total of 4 mounts replaced and are also 4140 stainless steel.

Stock Front Engine Mount = 3.2lbs
BL Front Engine Mount = 1.4lbs

Stock Rear Engine Mount – 1.8lbs
BL Rear Engine Mount = 1.2lbs
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Цена: 1100.00$


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