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Carbonetic Twin Plate Carbon Сцепление Porsche 996

Carbonetic Twin Plate Carbon Сцепление Porsche 996

Производитель: Carbonetic

Carbonetic presents super performance clutches made of solid state of the art technology. Excellent cost performance with extraordinary strength and high product quality makes them popular in any driving scene.

Twin and Triple carbon clutches are designed for a vehicle with high to extreme power. Ultimate durability is achieved by twin/triple carbon plates made of non-mesh random waving method while the inertia weight is kept to a minimum enabling a very quick shift. Unlike multiple metal plate clutches, the high level of controllability at half clutch makes operation very pleasant even in annoying traffic jams.

Ultra smooth engagement and light pedal effort
Driving feels similar to stock car
Light pedal effort for a performance clutch
Faster shifting
Ultra light weight friction disk (only 1/2 lb.), unsprung hub, light weight chromoly flywheel, black forged aluminum cover
No warm up needed

Power rating:
500 lb/ft Torque
500 hp at Crank.

Цена: 3850.00$


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