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Eibach Пружины GTR R35

Eibach Пружины GTR R35

Производитель: Eibach

Eibach produces some of the highest quality springs in the world. They can be found everywhere from high performance street cars to full race F1 cars. Eibach springs are built from the ground up - starting with full research and development for every application to determine the best balance between performance and ride quality. Eibach springs are on average 2.75 pounds lighter than the competition. This reduction of unsprung mass is equivalent to removing 50 pounds from your car! All Eibach springs come with an unbeatable Million Mile Warranty.
Eibach has added to their suspension line up with the Pro-Kit for the Nissan GT-R. The Pro-Kit lowers the GT-R 20mm in the front and 15mm in the rear while having an as good as OEM suspension feel. Though it is tough to improve on the looks and performance of the GT-R, Eibach has achieved this with the Pro-Kit. The lower stance gives the GT-R a more agressive look and also adds stability because of a lower center of gravity.
Ride Height: Front - 15mm | Rear - 20mm

Цена: 430.00$


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