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EVOMS GT750 Porsche 996 Turbo/Turbo S/GT2

EVOMS GT750 Porsche 996 Turbo/Turbo S/GT2

Производитель: Evolution MotorSports

This complete engine tuning system was 100% ground up designed, engineered and manufactured in house. When we conceived of the idea in late 2002, our goals were set to create the world’s first complete production 750+ HP tuning system for the 996TT. This arduous task began with the purchase of a 996TT that was used for the ground up R&D process. Our concept for this power upgrade was to build a safe and reliable power upgrade that would maximize the potential of the flat 6-996TT engine. Some of the known hurdles were to strengthen the internal engine components, deliver enough fuel, air and software calibration to balance the system. The end result offers an extreme power level while maintaining excellent longevity and reliability under some of the harshest conditions.

GT 750 Kit Includes:
-EVO Modified Garrett GT750 High Flow turbochargers
-Upgraded high pressure wastegates
-CNC machined billet aluminum wastegate mounts
-EVO Billet Diverter Valves
-EVO Proprietary EVOMSit GT750 Software
-EVO / High Output Sport Stainless Steel Exhaust w/ 100 Cell Catalysts
-EVO V-Flow Air Induction System
-EVO 44.5 mm Primary Tube Stainless Steel Headers
-EVO / Sachs Stage 3 Clutch (Can use with Dual Mass Flywheel)
-EVO Silicone Boost Hose Conversion w/ Diverter Valve "F" Hose
-EVO 70mm High Flow Turbo Air Inlet Ducts (plastic)
-Bosch Large Bore Bosch Throttle Body
-EVO CNC Machined Throttle Body Adapters w/ Venturi
-EVO Modified Large Diameter "Y" Pipe
-EVO Clubsport Intercooler Upgrade
-EVO Braided and Fire Jacketed Fuel Line Upgrade Kit w/ Fuel Filter Kit, Adapters, Clips
-EVO Modified Fuel Rails
-EVO High Flow Fuel Injectors
-NGK Racing Spark Plugs
-EVO GT750 Floor mats
-EVO GT750 CNC machined hood

GT 750 Motor Build Includes:
-Complete disassembly of engine down to the crank
-Inspect, size, spec out all parts including: crankshaft, pistons, valves, guides, cams, springs, etc.
-Inspect for unusual wear, measure all wear components to determine if they are within specifications and address any problems
-Sonic clean components and prep for reinstallation
-Inspect valve train and reseat valves with hand lapping method
-Install new GT3R racing high flow oil pump
-Install new crankshaft, intermediate, rod and main bearings Install new Carrillo Connecting Rods w/ multi torque rod bolts (carr bolts)
-Install new high strength aircraft quality head studs / hardware
-Install EVO designed high pressure head gaskets
-Install and gap new piston rings
-Install new OEM o-rings, seals and associated gaskets
-Build bottom utilizing OEM & EVO developed high power building procedures
-Time camshafts utilizing OEM timing tools
-Install all associated induction / top end components with all new gaskets and seals
-Secure and zip tie all vacuum / pressure lines as required for high power applications.

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