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EVOMS Вестгейты Porsche 996

EVOMS Вестгейты Porsche 996

Производитель: Evolution MotorSports

Evolution MotorSports continues to lead the Porsche performance aftermarket with new and innovative products for the 996 twin turbo models. Our most recent product is a pair of “bolt-on” 1.0 bar wastegate actuators for better boost response and increased power. Our OEM quality higher pressure actuators are designed for cars that are generating higher than stock boost levels. The OEM wastegate actuators are set at .7 bar (10.29 PSI) of pressure, which is too low for modified cars.

We have been utilizing this upgrade for over 2 years now on our modified “GT” series turbochargers with great success. We have now used this same technology and adapted it to the OEM K16 and K24 turbochargers for better performance and boost response.


-Better boost response / peak boost holding pressure
-Less boost loss under initial acceleration
-Better boost recovery in between shifts
-A must for any 996TT running higher than stock boost levels.

Цена: 490.00$


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