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Exedy Трехдисковое Сцепление

Exedy Трехдисковое Сцепление

Производитель: Exedy

This kit has very harsh engagement and some noise, but it can hold! Rated at 540 flywheel torque for drag racing and 675 flywheel torque for road-race, this is a very tough clutch. The solid hub design makes for harsher engagement and more stress on the drivetrain as less shock is absorbed. The carbon disc is much lighter than a regular disc; this makes for quicker shifts with less chatter. Carbon clutches must be heated up for full torque capacity. We dont reccomend using this kit on the street due to harsher engagement and increased vibration. TORQUE CAPACITY: 540 lb-ft. flywheel for drag racing, 675 lb-ft flywheel for road racing

Цена: 2760.00$


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