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FP Green HTA Турбина

FP Green HTA Турбина


Производитель: ForcedPerformance

Since 2002 The Subaru WRX and STI have enjoyed the power and performance of the Forced Performance FP GREEN™ for Subaru STI/WRX turbochargers. These "bolt-on" hybrid turbochargers redefined the boundaries of power and performance while avoiding the "rotated mount" type kits.

The new for 2008 HTA update for the FP GREEN HTA™ for Subaru STI/WRX delivers an increase in maximum flow rate from 49lb/min to over 56lb/min without an increase in turbo lag, while also decreasing compressor outlet temperatures with better compressor efficiency than previous models.

The FP GREEN HTA™ for Subaru STI/WRX turbo features an 8cm Subaru turbine housing set up for external wastegate and a 3" compressor housing. A 1 bar internal wastegate is an added cost option via the drop down menu above. This turbo comes with porting included on the turbine housing.

The 3" inlet of the FP GREEN HTA™ for Subaru STI/WRX means that the TGVs will need to be removed from the vehicle to gain the required compressor housing clearance.

Цена: 1880.00$


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