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Greddy Spec-R Фронтальный Интеркулер WRX 02-07/STi 02-08+

Greddy Spec-R Фронтальный Интеркулер WRX 02-07/STi 02-08+

Производитель: Greddy

While this intercooler is one of the cheapest on the market, there is a significant amount of modification required for installation. This is a small core interccoler that will remove your WRXs foglights and require modification to the factory bumper beam for installation. In addition, the piping makes no provision for a blow-off valve (BOV), so you will need to either fabricate a flange to use your stock BOV or purchase a universal BOV and weld-on aluminium flange. This intercooler is reccomend for smaller turbos; the tube and fin core does not flow well for high-power applications.
R-SPEC Intercooler: This design was developed to allow for larger cores that give good cooling with a more free flowing internal core. This is ideal for applications with low to medium-high boost levels in factory turbocharged engines or normally aspirated engines with bolt-on turbo kits.

Цена: 1450.00$


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