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IHI VF48 Турбина

IHI VF48 Турбина

Производитель: IHI

IHI turbos are a direct bolt-on for the 02-07 WRX, utilizing the factory mounting points and attaching to the factory oil and coolant lines. Although these are a great upgrade for a 2.0L WRX, any 2.5L WRX should be considering some of the larger options such as a 18G or bigger as the power gains from the IHI turbos will be minimal (The VF39 is the OEM 04-06 STi turbo, the VF43 is stock 2007 STi turbo, and the VF48 is the 08 STi turbo so they are not upgrades for these cars).
The IHI VF48 comes stock on the 2008 STi. Not much is known about this turbo yet as it has recently been introduced, but it has already made huge power numbers on the 08 STi.

Цена: 1390.00$


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