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IHI VF52 Турбина WRX 08+

IHI VF52 Турбина WRX 08+

Производитель: IHI

The IHI VF52 turbocharger comes stock in the 2009 Subaru WRX but is a great upgrade for those who just arent satisfied with the power limitations of the stock 2008 WRX turbo. The VF52 has an incredible power output of up to 320whp when tuned with 650cc injectors and supporting modifications. It is an Subaru OEM turbocharger so all stock oil and water lines bolt up with no modification, though the stock heat shield may require some trimming because of different wastegate configurations. If you want to keep the stock intercocoler and get almost 25% more power to the ground, this is the turbo for you. Whether you autocross, road race, drag race, or daily drive your car, this turbo will continue to impress you everytime you step on the gas.

Цена: 1500.00$


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