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JRZ RS-Pro Подвеска Porsche 997/996

JRZ RS-Pro Подвеска Porsche 997/996

Производитель: JRZ

JRZ Suspension Engineering offers the best high performance club sport damper available today. Combining the best aspects of our RS and 2-way racing damper, the RS Pro gives the owner ultimate suspension control while maintaining compliance for driving on public roads. A monotube double adjustable damper with adjustable gas pressure, the RS Pro offers an increased adjustment range allowing the user to tailor the car to themselves further. The RS Pro is available as a complete kit with springs and mounting hardware.

22mm rod strut, 16mm rod damper
Mono tube
Adjustable gas pressure
piston sized for high performance
street compliance valving
precise canister
large adjustment range
Fixed hoses for easy mounting
Steel piggyback
Taking clubsport performance to the next level, the RS Pro has a remote canister with a progressive blow off system. Progressive blow off allows for a stiff compression valving while maintaining smooth response. The result is a damper that provides ultra solid platform with smooth bump compliance. The JRZ standard large 22mm piston rod works in concert to maximize blow off valve response to great chassis control without using a high spring rate in strut applications. In damper applications the piston rod diameter is 16mm to achieve a balance between ride and control. JRZ RS Pros are shipped with fixed hoses to make mounting easy and straightforward. A fixed hose also helps control the movement of the hose in the wheel well making it less likely that the hose will rub moving parts. JRZ RS Pro damper kits are available in piggyback configurations. The canister can be fixed to the damper for ease of installation. The monotube design makes use of our unique RS Pro piston. By moving more fluid than our standard clubsport damper, the RS Pro achieves a higher level of chassis control. To customize track to track setups and tailor the chassis to the JRZ RS Pro has an extra large adjustment range. Each adjustment is designed to be an even step giving you predictability when making changes. JRZ clubsport dampers are designed to give the chassis tuner ultimate control.

Better chassis control for higher rate springs / power /aero
Street ride, racing performance
Easy to change configurations
The design of the RS Pro takes you to the next level. Stiffer cars with higher levels of power demand the control JRZ can supplies. With the control of gas pressure charge as well and compression and rebound adjustments, the RS Pro will get the most out of your high performance car. The JRZ RS Pro is shipped as a bolt on kit with installation instructions and always comes with our world renowned personal service JRZ.

Recommended applications:
Highly modified Street/DE
Experienced Club Racing
JRZ recommends the RS Pro for premium high performance street drivers, experienced club racers and entry level professional racers.

Цена: 7650.00$


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