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Manley Клапана 350Z/G35 03-07

Manley Клапана 350Z/G35 03-07

Производитель: Manley

Manley Performance has been manufacturing the finest stainless steel valves for over 40 years. Manley valves have been the standard of the industry from their inception, a fact that still remains true as they shift their focus and resources to the Sport Compact Market. The Manley Stainless Race Valves feature chrome stems, hard tips, fully machined surfaces and swirl polished under heads. These valves are available in both stock and oversized, so whether your pushing the limits of your motor or just rebuilding with stock size components, Manley has the valve for you. Manley Performance is synonymous with winning and their products power some of the fastest cars around.
Intake Valves: 33mm, 37.5mm.
Exhaust Valves: 31.5mm, 32mm, 32.5mm, 38mm.

Цена: 750.00$


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