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Torque Solution Billet Red Tow Hook w/ Go Pro Mount GT86

Torque Solution Billet Red Tow Hook w/ Go Pro Mount GT86

Part Number: TS-THF-86-GPRD

Производитель: TopSpeed

Torque Solution Billet Aluminum Tow Hook Shaft. Designed with a threaded positioning set screw to be sure you achieve the perfect desired mounting position with 1 of our add-ons.

M16 × 1.5 Thread Pitch / 1.25” (32mm) of shaft is threaded
5.75” (146mm) Shaft Length (measured from top of threaded area)
7” (179mm) Overall Shaft Lenght (includes threaded area)
CNC Billet Aluminum w/ Go Pro Mount Kit
Red Anodized
Threaded Positioning Set Screw
Limited Lifetime Warranty

DISCLAIMER: The Torque Solution Tow Hook is not intended for all towing situations. Recommended for straight flat surface pulling only. Do not pull at an angle, from the side or up an incline. Please use the OEM tow hook in these situations, as improper use can damage the Torque Solution Tow Hook or your vehicle.

Цена: 150.00$


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