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Weapon R Equalizer Kit Accord 03-07

Weapon R Equalizer Kit Accord 03-07

Производитель: Weapon R

The Ignition Equalizer Kit Amplifies the current being delivered to the ignition coil pack by stabilizing the current frequency. A bigger spark means more power, better throttle response and better gas mileage. This kit bolts on top of the ignition coil pack on cars with Coil over Plug ignition system. A 6-gauge ground wire is attached to the Equalizer Plate on top of the coils and to a ground on the vehicle. We use Platinum terminals and high quality 6 gauge wire. These kits are made for specific vehicles. Ignition Equalizer Plate is made of High quality 6061 Aluminum and then Polished to a high finish.

Цена: 125.00$


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